People Are Intensely Divided Over This Viral ‘I’m Not Racist’ Video

2017 and 2016 resurged the boom of racism. Since the 2016 elections which saw the rise of Donald Trump on the slogan of “Making America Great Again”, racists have accelerated their radical ploys.
Amidst the renaissance of the Neo Nazis, alt right, the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist, America has entered a contrasting political and racial landscape compared to the previous year.

A large share of xenophobia is placed at the feet of the president


The patron in chief has paid no heed to impede the rise of nationalism. Primarily, the best he did to dissuade white supremacists was whispering a statement after Charlottesville Riots.
That too was uttered because of political and public pressure as apparent in his furrowed brow and gritted teeth.

As expected, he took a U-turn immediately to impose one of his most famous expressions in history

Concerning the tragedy in Charlottesville that culminated in the demise of an innocent protestor, Trump announced, “I believe violence was present on both sides”.
Of course, the expression both sides highlighted the white supremacists and the opposing protestors who confronted the campaign of prejudice. He later termed the white supremacists “fine folks”.

This was only a teaser of Trump’s strides towards being an outspoken Nazi champion


Since then, the president has reprimanded several dignitaries of color and denounced immigrants or those he considered not male or white enough. But he stayed on guard not to target anyone who might harm his political base.
When Eminem released a raging rap against Trump, he preferred silence. But the moment LaVar Ball said he was disappointed with Trump’s effort for acquitting his son, Trump lunched at him.

A superior reserve of his fleet of white supremacist was hostile toward Muslims


In November 2017, Trump, who has mastered the craft of attacking Muslims and expressed resentment for them, retweeted videos which professed to declare Muslims to be engaged in atrocious acts.
Jayda Franson was his source who is a self-confessed fascist and a key stakeholder of far-right party, Britain First.
She was found guilty, recently, of religiously incited harassment of a Muslim girl for wearing hijab with her 4 children. After Trump shared her videos, she elatedly tweeted to bless him.
Afterwards, the British public and politicians renounced Trump for these actions but his supporters strengthened his resolve against Muslims.

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